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About Gospel House Music

GospelHouseMusic.com is a Christian/Gospel Music company that serves the world the best underground Christian/Gospel dance and aerobic fitness workout music, offering its music for purchase of instant MP3 downloads or physical DJ mixed CD compilations. Once you have downloaded your music you can burn it to a CD and transfer it to a portable device.

Why buy from GospelHouseMusic.com?
This music is very hard to find, it is a niche within a niche. You will find this music can be found hardley anywhere else on the planet. We are dedicated to filtering out the dance music scene for the music that uplifts the LORD, and has Christian lyrics, or uplifting and spiritual-soulful vocal themes.

Sound Quality/ Bitrates 192k (Standard) & 320k (Max)
The music files are available in standard and high-quality MP3 sound formats that are convenient to purchase and store. The 192k are standard quality sound and smaller file size, but if hard drive space is not an issue and you want the best quality sound get the 320k files. All of our music files are MP3 format, which is a standard and any music player should play the files. The files are also compatible with all Ipods and MP3 players

Click the Getting Started link to learn how to use the shopping cart and checkout to download your music.